Friday, 11 June 2010

Give way to nature

So often when we erect new roads and buildings we move or destroy nature to make way for our new man-made constructions, somehow implying that our creations are the more important.

I was pleased to see that care was taken to ensure that this new fence fitted around the existing trees  - after all the tree was here first!

At a corner by a road junction, where the fence was shaped to fit against the trunk of an oak tree, was a "give way" road sign - which seemed appropriate.


Heather L. said...

That's great! Michael and I were at our local large park last night for a picnic and stopped to look at a section of a tree on display that started as a seedling in 1576!!!! The trunk was HUGE. It was interesting to see marked different points in history like the American Revolutionary War. Just thinking about all the history that tree lived through (it came from the West Coast).

willow said...

When I see old trees, I think about all the changes that have happened around them, yet the trees just keep on slowly growing. Its always interesting to count the tree rings on cut tree trunks or logs, not very often that they go back to 1576 though!

ginny said...

lovely post. thanks for sharing the photos too. respect for the trees!
happy weekend x