Tuesday, 19 October 2010


The green tomato chutney is now made and the jars are waiting in the cool of the garage for a couple of months for the flavours to mellow, though I'm already looking forward to eating some.

In my preserving year, bottling rhubarb is always the first task and making chutney is the last. Next year will be different as I think I will be giving up my allotment. It is a hard decision to make after having it for 14 years but I haven't been able to do much over the last few months and although I hope to be recovered soon I don't want to risk hurting myself again next year. I will miss the rhubarb, and the soft fruit most.

I have a smallish garden and won't be able to grow many vegetables but I do have an apple tree and can grow tomatoes in pots on the patio so even without the allotment I will be able to preserve some home-grown food, as chutney.


tree shadow moon said...

Yay for chutney - I made both green and red tomato chutneys this year. I usually resist and wait until it's ready to eat, but I have to say that this year I've cheated a bit and started using some already (we finished last year's too early!).

Sorry you'll be giving up your allotment - but it sounds that you'll still be able to grow some things - and apples and tomatoes are what you need for your chutney too!

All the best, nĂ 

Simply Authentic said...

I'm sure it's a difficult decision. Is it possible to lease it for a year to see if you miss it? I'm not sure how all that works over there....

willow said...

Simply Authentic,
Allotments over here are rented year by year so in theory I could stop for a year and then if I wanted, get another one. However, now that growing your own food is so popular there are waiting lists, often of several years for a plot so if I do give up it wouldn't be easy to get another one.