Friday, 22 July 2011

Photographing summer

sweet peas from the garden

Today is the last day of summer term. One of the main advantages of working in a school is the long summer holidays and I now have six weeks to spend as I like.

Each summer I find the weeks race by and at the start of September when the academic year starts again, I wonder where the time has gone. This year in an effort to slow down and notice the details of each day, I want to photograph my summer. So often it is just the big important dates that we record and remember so this year I'm photographing the everyday things as well.

To start with, sweet peas picked from the garden this evening and now filling my bedroom with their scent.


sweetmyrtle said...

i can almost smell them. lovely to see you last week. wishing you a lovely Summer xxx

Simply Authentic said...

Beautiful--they must smell amazing. Will love to see the pictures relishing the everyday-ness. Great idea!