Thursday, 25 August 2011

Holiday - week one

We booked our holiday late which meant that we stayed where we could find accommodation rather than finding somewhere to stay where we wanted to be. This was good in that we visited places we might not have otherwise have done, but less good because there were so few cottages still available and those that were left were not located to suit all members of the family! So, not our best holiday but some good days out all the same.

The first week we stayed near the coast on the southern edge of the Lake District. We marvelled at just how far the tide goes out in Morecombe Bay,

too far out to even see the sea. It looks like miles of sand but it is sticky mud and dangerous to wander onto without local knowledge.

The lake district itself was busy

but an early morning walk left the crowds behind.

Of course it rains a lot in the Lake District and we had plenty, but even on a grey rainy day, it is very beautiful.


Simply Authentic said...

Beautiful, beautiful! Sounds like it was slightly outside the comfort zone, but as you said sometimes those types of holidays offer other lessons in gratitude also. Looks like it was a beautiful location though!

Heather L. said...

Such beautiful photos! We never made it to the Lake District, even though we thought about going. Maybe someday.....

Our weather has finally cooled to the low 80's which actually can feel quite cool after high 80's to high 90's. Autumn definitely feels around the corner and I was just given a bushel of apples to turn into applesauce.