Sunday, 5 February 2012

A little snow

The first snow of the winter for us though very little compared to some parts of the country, just a light covering on the lawn.

 We walked up into the woods to take photographs before it melts away.

The temperature this afternoon above freezing and already the snow is melting away,

leaving pretty droplets of water behind.

Our road has mixture of snow, slush and puddles so I hope the temperature stays above freezing tonight or it will be very slippery in the morning.

A heart shaped puddle!


Simply Authentic said...

Oh the irony of nature though?! Your last post was about the feel of spring in the air...and then came the snow :) It looks beautiful though and I'm glad you had the opportunity to enjoy it. Much different than all the snow you had last year however!

willow said...

Yes, that will teach me to get all excited about spring! It seems as if we will be getting our winter later this year but at the moment there are no forecasts of heavy snow for this area - thank goodness.