Monday, 13 August 2012

night sky

We drove a couple of miles to an area away from houses to look for shooting stars. Unfortunately the clouds moved in to cover the sky and we saw very few stars let alone shooting ones! We were also a bit early at just before 10pm when the peak meteor rate would have been after midnight.

I took photographs anyway, putting my camera on the ground for stability and using a long shutter speed. Amazing to find that the grey sky turned a deep blue in the pictures and that some stars were visible. The orange line in the last picture was a chinese lantern that some people nearby released. I hadn't seen one before and was surprised how quickly it rose in the sky and then drifted over my camera.

For the August Break 2012


VintagePretty said...


Last year we saw so many shooting stars from the Perseids but unfortunately none this year - such a pity as it's an amazing sight to see so many wonderful celestial bodies all at once. However I will continue to watch for a little while more as they trickle off but are still around for a couple of days either side. If not, I will try to catch the Leonids instead a little later in the year!

Best wishes xx

willow said...

I did see one shooting star very early in the morning when I couldn't sleep so thought I might as well go into the garden and have a look. I think that might be all for this August.
I haven't heard of the Leonids, I will google it and find out when to see them.