Thursday, 1 November 2012

Shetland photographs - Lerwick

We arrived for our holiday in Shetland yesterday and I was very happy to wander around with my camera. We are staying in Lerwick, the main town. The population of all the Shetland Islands is 22,500 with about one third living in Lerwick.

There have been a few changes since we were last here three years ago. The new building below is the cinema complex, a stunning building.

At home we are well over an hour away from the nearest beach so I really like the fact that in Shetland you are never further than three miles away from the sea. The museum in the photograph below has a cafe with a great view of the harbour.

More boats in the small boat harbour

and even a tiny beach right in the centre of town.

I think I would like to live this close to the sea.


sweetmyrtle said...

oh how lovely. have a great time X

Journey Authentically said...

Gorgeous! Enjoy your time away :)