Sunday, 14 April 2013

a day in my life

Yesterday was the 13th, the date I am posting my "day in my life" posts this year. I didn't take many photographs because it was dull and raining most of the day.

I took the photograph of the trees just outside our garden when I went out first thing to hang out the washing (a very bad idea since we were out all day and it rained for most of it - the whole lot was absolutely sodden when I returned). The trees look much the same as in the previous three months, I'm looking forward to seeing some green leaves soon.

I took these photographs of the garden which is looking quite pretty at the moment.

Then we were out all day taking younger son back to university. We stopped for coffee, did a supermarket shop and had lunch. During this time it poured with rain so we left him early and made our way home. This is a short term for him, a couple of weeks of lectures, then exams and before we know it he will be home for the summer holidays.

Back at home I spent some time spinning. I can't remember what tthis is, possibly bluefaced leicester. I have about 100g and I think it will become a scarf or cowl.

So that was my day, a short post and few photographs but in the future, it will remind me of the times when we packed up the car taking the boys to or from university at the beginning and end of each term.

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