Monday, 19 May 2014

dawn chorus

International Dawn Chorus Day is the first Sunday in May. Although there is birdsong at dawn throughout the year, there is less in winter and the beginning of May is when it is thought to be at its peak.

I missed that by a couple of weeks this year but on Saturday morning finding myself awake at 4:15am, I pulled on some warm clothes, made a cup of herbal tea and headed out into the garden for half an hour to listen. We are lucky to live next to woodland with mature trees close by and the dawn chorus here is amazing. The nearby road was quiet and the only sound was birdsong. I didn't see any birds in the half light but there were still plenty of bats swooping through the air. Well worth getting up for.

There are some recordings on the International Dawn Chorus Day website - here.

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VintagePretty said...

Hi Willow,

I had absolutely no idea that there was an International Dawn Chorus Day! How have I possibly missed this?! I will endeavour to get outside before dawn soon, as I am planning to watch the sun rise at the sea. The birdsong there is different (mostly seagulls, though at this time of year Arctic Terns, Eider Ducks and Puffins can also be seen and heard) but still magical, particularly with the sun rising over the horizon.

Your garden is looking very pretty indeed, very springlike and inviting. Love the aqualegias, too.

Best wishes,
Tash from