Sunday, 17 August 2014

Shawl - Vertices Unite

Its been quiet here lately. I've been enjoying the summer weather and not spending too much time inside at my laptop. We have also been away on holiday and I will post some photographs soon.

Firstly though I'll catch up with some finished knitting. This shawl is Vertices Unite by Stephen West. It is knit in one piece joining together the different sections as you knit. The pattern comes in two sizes.
I chose the small size because I had enough left-over Jamieson and Smith 2ply Jumper Weight to complete it. I didn't have enough of each colour to follow the pattern exactly, in the photograph below you can see that I used two different purples and had to join them mid-section, but the end result looked fine.

This was a lovely relaxing knit for lazy summer knitting although it was a bit heavy once the weather warmed up. I have always liked garter stitch and this pattern uses it very effectively.

My current knitting project is a traditional Icelandic jumper for my son, again easy knitting but a rather warm heavy project for this summer weather! I've just finished the yoke (knitting top-down) and I will post pictures soon.

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