Tuesday, 24 February 2015


The photograph above is Edinburgh Castle. I took it a couple of weeks ago when we were there visiting youngest son. Yes, our youngest has flown the nest and moved 400 miles north to the Scottish capital.

He graduated last year and had found work locally until he found a "proper" job. Knowing how difficult it is for graduates to find work these days, he cast his net wide and applied for jobs all over the country. I think this was the furthest away that he went for and this was the one he got offered.

It is a good job in a lovely place but it is taking me some time to adjust to him being so far from home - and permanently now. While at university they come home for holidays and the occasional weekend but now he has really left home.

Once he had found a flatshare we took all his belongings up to him, the length of the journey bringing home to me how far away he is. We will visit, but the expense and time means it won't be that often. Thank goodness for Skype.

Edinburgh is a lovely place and he is beginning to settle in and explore the city. We liked it too, compact and walkable with coast and mountains really close. I shall look forward to as many visits as we can to see him.

Hopefully it won't be too long before I am back in this bookshop cafe, taking in the views and catching up with his news.


Heather LeFebvre said...

Oh Edinburgh is just a most beautiful, amazing city. What a lovely place to find a job! I'm just sorry for you that it is so far away :( Glad you will be able to enjoy more time in the city though when you visit. My favorite place is Victoria Street.

willow said...

I have just looked up Victoria Street on google maps, I haven't been there but it does look an attractive street. I particularly like the cobbled streets in Edinburgh.
He is coming home for the Easter weekend and then I am hoping to visit in the summer.

Elizabeth said...

I absolutely loved Edinburgh when visiting in 2002. Seems like so long ago now. Can imagine it is a definite transition to get used to your son being away but glad you can communicate routinely :)