Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Tjeldsund bridge
Today is the autumn equinox when sunrise and sunset are about twelve hours apart. Here in the northern hemisphere the nights will start being longer than the days.

I don't like the dark mornings when it is even harder than usual to get up so today I am remembering my holiday in Norway this summer. Although we were there too late in the year to catch the midnight sun we did experience continuous daylight.

The picture above was taken on from our hotel room on our last night at 1:10am - beautiful.

Below is a time lapse video I took overnight. I set the camera up facing out of the window of the cabin we rented in Svolvaer in the Lofoton Islands. This is facing east and it was cloudy so there is no night-time sun but everything did turn a soft blue colour. I also like watching the change in the tide. This ten second clip covers ten hours from about 9pm.

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Candyce said...

I enjoyed this post and the video is so interesting. Wha a good idea!