Monday, 2 November 2015

a little pot of winter colour

This winter heather was a free gift from a local garden centre, an offer to entice people to spend at what must be a quiet time of year for sales. Although it did seem as if Christmas was in full swing when I was there!

I decided to put it in a pot by the front door. I added some Ophiopogon planiscapus "Nigrescens" and some variegated ivy for contrast. The Ophiopogon will root easily in the pot. I have plenty in the garden, once it is established it spreads rapidly and any pieces pulled away with a little root will survive. I find they are slow to grow for the first year or so but then they do well. The best black colour is obtained when it is in full sun but I have some in shade as well.

With the ivy I pulled the leaves off the bottom 10-15cm of the stems and pushed it in round the side of the pot. It may not take root at this time of year but if it doesn't it will stay green and add interest for a while until the heather spreads a little. Generally though I find ivy takes root very easily.

The heather was very pot bound so I broke and unravelled the roots  it looked like it would appreciate some fresh compost.

Finished - and just for the price of a small amount of compost.

I have placed it by the front door where it sits nicely with the Cyclamen hederifolium and Ophiopogon nearby

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