Tuesday, 16 February 2016

early spring

It was good to get out for a walk and some fresh air this week. The ploughed fields lie bare

and there are still plenty of dried seed heads on the verges.

There was a wintry feel and the signs of spring weren't obvious until I started looking more closely.

After what feels like weeks of grey skies and rain there has been some sunshine.

The gorse

and blackthorn are blooming.

Closer to the ground I spotted daisies

a few celandines

and a small clump of snowdrops. There are many gardens with impressive displays of snowdrops at this time of year (last year I went to Welford Park to see them) but it is always nice to see a single clump nestling at the base of a hedge.

The cow parsley  leaves are emerging, bright green along the banks, definitely signs of spring.

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Moonroot said...

Yes, it's still cold and mostly bleak here but spring is definitely in the air. Each day I spot another sign - early blossom, catkins, a change in the birdsong. In a few week no doubt winter will be a memory.