Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Englefield gardens

I have been visiting the gardens at Englefield for almost thirty years. They are open on Mondays throughout the year but I usually make my first visit of the year in March or April to see the magnolias. This year I thought I might have missed them but the cold spring has delayed them and many were still looking stunning in May.

The garden has many azaleas and rhododendrons which are also a little later this year. This purple one stood out agains the bright green ferns along the stream.

The fragrant yellow azaleas were just coming into flower.

Away from the formal terraces there are many mature trees.

This more natural part of the garden is my favourite.

There is something reassuring about visiting a place that has changed little over the past few years. High streets and shopping centres have altered beyond recognition, new roads and housing estates (so much building) but through all that these gardens have stayed much the same. There are a few additions, a small area for children, a little stone bench has been placed under the weeping tree that my boys used to hide in, but overall it feels the same.

The gunnera patch is sprouting

and the deer are in the parkland.

A peaceful oasis in a changing world.


Candyce said...

It's a lovely part and your photos are so beautiful. I love the one of the deer enjoying the day. Our deer in Pennsylvania come out at dusk so you have to make an effort to see them. In Texas they are out in the day. Texas deer are smaller almost the size of a large dog.

willow said...

These were the full size deer but in the woods we sometimes see the smaller muntjac deer, probably about the same size as the ones you describe.

rusty duck said...

Beautiful. I love the gunnera, I've been wondering if I dare get any for here. They might take over!

willow said...

I think gunnera would be great if you have the space. Its out of shot in the photograph but there is a path through the edge of the clump, my boys used to love walking through the leaves in high summer - good for pretending to be in a real jungle!

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful. So glad you were able to see the magnolias. And I couldn't agree more that it's nice to still have places of nature left for pleasure amidst the chaos of the world sprouting up around it.

Wendy @ The contented Cavern said...

Wow I've just looked this place up its not a million miles from me and I've never heard of it. Another place on my list to visit.

willow said...

I hope you enjoy it if you visit, Wendy. There is a little plant nursery nearby and although I haven't been there for a while there is a tea shop in the village.

Heather LeFebvre said...

What a beautiful garden!!!! I think rhododendrons and azaleas do particularly well in the British soil for some reason. They don't work so well here in the midwest.