Thursday, 2 February 2017


January was a full month, lots going on but activity curtailed in the middle of the month when we both went down with an exhausting flu-type bug. I didn't take the opportunity to rest with the result that I still don't feel up to full strength yet - a lesson to be learned there, trying to keep going and ignoring the tiredness and cold symptoms doesn't seem to work for me as I get older, must slow down and rest.

A couple of weeks ago we spent a weekend in Edinburgh visiting our youngest son. The weather was bright and sunny and we managed a short walk in the Pentland Hills. This was the most snow I have seen so far this winter!

It was a glorious day to be out, wonderful to have access to the countryside so close to the city.

Back down in the city, a closer view towards the castle from Princes Street gardens.

Glimpses of the back of some of the buildings of the Royal Mile through the trees

and down at ground level, the first snowdrops

and a relatively tame urban rabbit!

Back at home we had several cold days,

no snow but very heavy frosts that lasted all day.

The water running from the fields froze on the lane making the daily walk more treachorous than usual.

This last weekend we went to the south coast for the day. It is a year since my father-in-law died and we wanted to visit the crematorium. We left home early and enjoyed a walk by the sea.

The beach huts are all closed up at this time of the year

but still look attractive against the hill.

Even in January the plants form a softly coloured tapestry of different textures.

Finally a hint that spring isn't too far away, the seaside daisy, Erigeron glaucous, blooming alongside the promenade.


rusty duck said...

I love Edinburgh, I used to work in Scotland and really miss it sometimes. Take care of that cold, there's a lot of it about.

willow said...

Yes, I really like Edinburgh, every time we visit I find more things to like. Pity it is so far away though - don't get to see my son as often as I would like.

Heather LeFebvre said...

Sorry that you had such a hard time health-wise in january. Hope that February will find you much improved! Glad you got to Edinburgh! Such a lovely place. Can't believe you have flowers blooming already!!

willow said...

Hi Heather, I think that spring maybe arriving a little later than last year and this morning we had just a trace of snow but I do have a couple of clumps of snowdrops in my garden now and the daffodils are pushing up although still in bud at the moment.

VintagePretty said...

Sorry this is late, but I hope you've recovered from your bug. There are some horrid bugs going round, possibly because it's been quite mild. So mild in fact that the oilseed rape is beginning to flower in a couple of fields near Hexham. Scary!

Lovely pictures as always xx