Sunday, 20 May 2007

Exam time

Its exam time in our house with both boys having exams next week and then a weeks break for half term and then elder son having another weeks worth.

The panic has set in for elder son and we are trying to help. Its a difficult balance, to encourage study while making sure there is time to relax, time for fresh air and exercise and time to think of something else. School impresses upon the students how very important these exams are for determing their future careers, and they are, but maybe not quite as important as all that. If the results don't turn out as hoped there will be other paths to follow and there are second chances, its not the end of the world. Difficult to convince a stressed student of that though. I've decided that I can best help by making mugs of tea and baking cakes!

This afternoon we went for a walk to enjoy the countryside and have a complete break.

We followed the sign

but the path wasn't always obvious.

Lots of wild flowers

Moon daisies


Pink Campion


and lots of fresh new growth everywhere.


Jenny said...

We are constantly having the same conversations with our eldest, trying to put Year12 in context. He works so hard and has other sport and prefect commitments. I encourage as much sloth and pointless activity that he can manage. Hope all your boy's exams go well.

Kristy Shreve Powers said...

You've reminded me of one of my favorite words when I was little: buttercup. I never knew what a buttercup looked like but I loved it all the same. Now from your picture, I realize I have buttercups all over the yard, and the name is perfectly fitting. Thank you!