Saturday, 5 May 2007

Small scale gardening

We have a fairly small garden and although I have my allotment to grow vegetables, I still like to grow a few things in the garden. Every year I try to squeeze a bit more in and when I looked at this patch I wondered if I've gone a bit too far.
Underneath a minature apple tree, Discovery, I have strawberries plus some chives and some peppermint (for peppermint tea). A couple of weeks ago I thought there might be room between the strawberry plants for something else and so I moved a few ruby chard plants. I am now wondering if the chard will shade the strawberries too much but you never know it might all work.


Jenny said...

The chard might stop the birds finding the strawberries as well as giving shade.

e4 said...

It's not crowded, it's biointensive!

willow said...

I like the word biointensive, it sounds so organised, planned even, rather than that I just push in as much as possible.
It would be nice to think that I could hide some of the stawberries from the birds, Jenny, but somehow I think they'll find them anyway!