Saturday, 28 July 2007

An early autumn?

It has been a lovely sunny day today which has been a very welcome change from all the dull wet weather that we have been having lately. It actually felt like summer at last.

Then, late this afternoon I went for a walk and started seeing signs of autumn. Has anyone else noticed that all the berries seem to be ripening much earlier this year?


Horse Chestnut




Perhaps all this cool damp weather coming after the very warm spring has fooled the plants into thinking that summer is over. I hope not, but the photos I took today look more like late August than July.


the flour loft said...

Hi Willow, have noticed the blackberries out on a bike ride with the girls earlier.. i think the plants are all pretty confused. Lets hope we get a bit more sunshine to ripen the toms or it's green tomato chutney this year!
Have chosen you fora blogger reflection award. check out on my blog and join in if you wish.

Alison said...

It is all a bit strange isn't it!
Alison x

Wild Rose said...

Hi Willow,

Congratulations on your blogger reflection award! I discovered you because Ginny nominated my blog too.

Your blog is lovely with delightful photographs and I can see why it is such an inspiration.

Glad to read that you have survived the flooding. I hope that life will soon be back to normal for you.

Marie x

Heather said...

Oh, those blackberries make me homesick! We lived in Airdrie, Scotland for four years and I had every blackberry bush in town painted on a map inside my head. Every Fall we visited the bushes and collected lots of berries which we turned into jams and pies, and crumbles. I really miss those bushes! We don't have them here in the Midwest, USA.

Cherry Menlove said...

Goodness me, I am so sorry to hear that you have been affected by the recent floodings. I agree with you that it seems as if the gardens are all confused at the moment but it does make me stand in awe at the power of nature.

Cherry Menlove xx

carolyn said...

Elderberries? Oh must check this out as we wanted some this year for cordial - Elderberry Rob - it's delicious and apparently helps keep the colds at bay. BTW just popped over from The Flour Loft congrats on your award.