Monday, 16 July 2007

End of term and a meme.

Almost the end of term now, just one week to go, yet it still doesn't really feel like mid summer. My allotment is doing well with all this rain, lots of spinach beet, chard and lettuce which often by this time would be starting to bolt and set seed are still churning out lots of leaf. The downside has been the large numbers of slugs. These are always a problem in the garden but not on the allotment which has very gravelly soil but this year my courgettes plants have been nibbled as soon as the first two leaves have appeared. So while some allotment holders are harvesting courgettes I'm still persevering and sowing yet more seeds, I will be harvesting very late courgettes. Its a bit sad to have to admit that after more than ten years of growing vegetables I seem to have failed with courgettes but I am determined not to use slug pellets and am hoping for a spell of dry weather to solve the problem.

I have been tagged by Jenny for a meme, Bloggers for Positive Global Change. Thank you Jenny. I now have to think of five people to nominate for the award which is proving difficult as there are so many people writing about their lives and the changes they have made to lower their impact on the earth. So, just five is hard but here goes.

One of my favourite reads is Zane at Lichenology. He writes about the benefits, to his family as well as to the planet, of their decision to live a mindful uncluttered life.

Another blog I've been reading for a while is e4 at Green, Blue, Brown who at the moment is growing a very successful garden with very little rain and also posts yummy pictures of his local food meals.

Tash at Vintage Pretty writes about living her life thoughtfully. She grows her own veg, keeps chickens and shops locally. She also takes lovely pictures of the many flowers in her garden.

I'm sure my last two will have been nominated by many others already but they are Sharon at Casaubons Book and Miranda at Simple Living. They, like the others I've nominated are "walking the talk" ( or cycling in Miranda's case) and reducing their impact on the earth.

The rules of the meme are here.

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