Saturday, 6 December 2008

Draught excluder

This is my first sewing project from Ginny and Alices' book. Although the focus of the book is on using recycled fabric, I had to buy mine as I didn't have anything suitable. I wanted to follow the pattern in the book using different fabrics and I found that buying a small pack of fabrics intended for quilting was the cheapest way to do this.

I wasn't sure about adding any embroidery with such patterned fabrics so I just played around with some stitching around the seam lines.

Apart from making curtains I haven't done any sewing for years but this little project was fun quick and easy - it might just make me do a bit more sewing in future.

The draught excluder is now in position stopping the cold air creeping under the living room door and keeping the room just that little bit warmer.


the flour loft said...

Hello Willow,
So good to hear that you enjoyed the project and it looks great too. I also have my excluder just inside my lounge helping to keep us all cosy in the evenings. So pleased that you may be up for more sewing.
lots of love to you.
Ginny x

Heather L. said...

You've done such a nice job! The stitching looks lovely!