Saturday, 20 June 2009

A fruitful week

A few photographs from my week. Fruit has featured heavily as the allotment comes into its own at this time of year.

I picked over six pounds of redcurrants from my two bushes. They have been stewed and passed through a jelly bag so I have lovely bright red juice to make into redcurrant jelly. At the moment its in the freezer while I deal with the gooseberries.

It looks like being a good year for them as well. I only have a very small freezer and we eat very little jam so my gooseberries will be bottled. At the moment they are waiting to be "topped and tailed". Although its a time consuming process, I love preparing the fruit for preserving- something about knowing that women (probably) have been going through the same tasks at this time of year for generations, preserving summer fruit to be eaten during the winter.

I've also been adding fruit to my salads, redcurrants and alpine strawberries and some flowers as well making summer salads very pretty.

I'm off out into the garden now to do some watering, we've had no real rain here and the ground is bone dry, perhaps I should try a little rain dance!


sweetmyrtle said...

a lovely fruitful harvest willow... i am now imagining you doing a rain dance!... send some rain over here too please.
your red currants look like jewels and the salad so pretty...hope you have a lovely week,
ginny xx

Heather L. said...

Your red currants are beautiful! My sister and I spent the afternoon making jam yesterday -- strawberry and then cherry. I think we made about 55 cups! :) (All but 10 cups were just freezer jam).

My garden is finally growing! Miracle Grow did the trick.

Simply Authentic said...

As always your pictures are incredible! What do goose berries taste like? And what all can you use them for? I don't know that I've ever heard of them :-)