Thursday, 4 June 2009

Quiet and busy

Its been very quiet on this blog recently, no particular reason, I just seemed to have slipped out of the habit of posting. 

As always at this time of year the allotment and garden have been keeping me busy for several hours each day.  With the hot dry weather continuing,  watering is a must.  For the first time in the thirteen years I've had my allotment , virtually all the plots are occupied which is putting a bit of a strain on the water system.  In the evenings which is a good time to water and the time most people can get there to do it, the water tanks empty rapidly.  I am lucky that I am able to get there early in the morning when the water is more plentiful.  At 7am there are only a few of us about and it is a very peaceful time.

Our normal routine has also been disrupted this week.  Exams are continuing, my husband is in the US and my work days have been changed just for this week. Nothing major but I realise what a creature of habit I am and several times I have had to think hard to remember what day it is!

One of the best parts of this week happened right at the start. On Monday morning I met Ginny for coffee.  I met her briefly at the end of last year but this time we had plenty of time to chat. She gave me one of her flower brooches just like the ones on the cover of her book. Thank you, Ginny.

I'm at work tomorrow which is one of my usual days, my youngest son only has one exam left and my husband returns home this weekend so perhaps in a few days we will be back to normal - whatever that is!

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Ginny said...

Hi Willow,
so lovely to meet up with you. all my wanderers have returned home now too so we are back to a full house. not sure wether it is normality or craziness here. hope you have a lovely weekend x