Friday, 10 July 2009

After work walk

Sometimes I grumble about my job, I suppose we all do from time to time, but even when I am feeling fed up I remind myself how lucky I am to be working less than two miles from home.

Ten minutes after leaving work I can be home enjoying a cup of tea and after that there is still time for a short walk before starting on dinner.

Although we have had rain, it is still dry here and the long grasses are a warm golden colour.

The freshness of spring and early summer has passed now and the later summer flowers are starting to appear. A few patches of heather are already in flower,

and in amongst the thistles, I found a couple of pure white flowers.

Back home I took this photograph of the flower spike on the Yucca plant in my front garden. It doesn't flower every year but with striking flowers like this its worth the wait.

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Heather L. said...

I'm excited for your holiday in Shetland! We have a good friend up there in Lerwick who is a nurse midwife. Her sons used to tell us stories of their growing up on the islands. I feel like it must be so different than mainland Scotland. and it's so FAR away!!! That is very nice that you'll be able to take train and ferry. I suppose you'll be going up the east coast of Scotland to Aberdeen. Perhaps you'll come home with some wool to knit?