Thursday, 16 July 2009

A day in my life

Since I've been doing these posts on the 14th of each month, I've recorded many different days, weekdays, weekend days, at home or at work so I'm building up quite a record of how I spend my time.

This month the 14th fell on a non-work day for me and a day off for my eldest son and we decided to go out for part of the day. It is now less than three months now until he leaves for University and so he is starting to buy a few of the things he will need. Shopping is not a favourite activity for either of us so we decided to make it a bit more interesting by shopping somewhere different.

We chose Windsor. We parked the car and were walking up the hill past the castle when we realised we were just in time to see the changing of the guard. I pulled my camera out and behaved like a tourist for a while!

We shopped very efficiently and in less than an hour we were ready to escape the town and make our way to somewhere less crowded.

This lake is in Windsor Great Park and was the perfect place for a walk and picnic lunch.

We thought this tree trunk had a rather sad face but its not quite so obvious in the photo.

We didn't visit Savill Gardens but did admire the very elegant new visitor centre.

Inside there was a gallery

a small plant shop

and an outdoor seating area

perfect for tea and cake.

We weren't the only ones who thought the cake looked good!

We returned home in time to pick up younger son from the station, do some housework and prepare dinner.

We were out of the house for less than five hours but somehow it was one of those days that feels like a mini holiday away from the usual weekday routines.

No pictures from the rest of the day and now I can't remember what we ate for dinner or what I did in the evening but it was a lovely trip out and I'm sure I will remember that part for a long time.

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