Sunday, 15 November 2009

Calm after the storm

After all the heavy rain yesterday, today we had clear blue sky and sunshine. It was a pleasure to be outside and feel the warmth of the sunshine and a good time to check on the lettuce plants.

This is an experiment of mine to attempt to grow some salad for the winter in my small greenhouse on the patio.

 I sowed some lettuce seeds at the end of September, a little over a month ago they looked like this.

I transplanted them three plants to a pot and now they have grown well and look really healthy.

Today I transplanted them again just one to a pot.

These went back into the greenhouse and I am hoping to start picking some leaves in a few weeks. If this project is successful I will be measuring food yards rather than food miles.


Pomona said...

We have lettuce at the moment - and still a few tomatoes and aubergines coming along, even though the plants look pretty sad. I think you appreciate this fresh greenery even more at this time of year.

Pomona x

willow said...

The lettuce plants seem to be doing ok after being transplanted. Our garden is almost totally in shade at this time of the year (we are close to other houses and some tall trees including leylandii - grrr!) but the little greenhouse does get a bit of sun which gives a bit of extra warmth. Tomatoes and aubergines in November is very impressive.