Saturday, 14 November 2009

A day in my life

Its the 14th and time for my monthly "day in my life" post.

We are being battered by stormy weather at the moment and today has been continual wind and rain. Just the sort of day to stay inside, warm and cosy with some knitting and that is what I have done for most of the day.

I did have to go out this morning to go shopping. Youngest son is going on a geography field course soon and the one item on the kit list that he didn't own was waterproof trousers.  The weather today and the fact that the course is in Wales convinced us that they were necessary. Actually it would have been quite useful to have been wearing them today.

My reward for braving the winter weather was this lovely soft jumper from the charity shop,

100% Shetland wool in a soft heathery plum colour (much nicer in reality than the photo) a bargain at £6.95 don't you think.

Back home in the warm and time spent with my knitting.  I knitted a jumper with this wool last winter but was never happy with it so its been unravelled, skeined, washed, wound into balls and now I've started again.

Its a top down raglan and will be either a jumper or possibly longer, more of a dress to wear over jeans, it depends on when I run out of wool. Sleeve length is also undecided for the same reason. Simple undemanding knitting, plain apart from a lace panel front and back and perfect knitting for watching a film or chatting.

Family phone calls this evening including speaking to eldest son.  So different to when I was away at University, I remember saving up all my 10p coins and then waiting outside in a queue for the phone box, tonight we talked over the internet and it was great to see as well as hear him - he looked fine and is enjoying university life.

Thats about it, a rather lazy but enjoyable "day in my life" for November.


ginny said...

it is good to have lazy days... wow a toast jumper for £6.95... do you realise how much that would be new?... people go potty for toast stuff!
well done you ... it is a gorgeous colour too.
hope your week is good
ginny x

Pomona said...

Imagine finding a Toast jumper in a charity shop - what luck! I love the one you are knitting, too.

Pomona x

willow said...

Yes, I was very lucky finding the Toast jumper, it doesn't often happen that way and I usually leave charity shops empty handed and wondering where all the bargains are. This jumper makes up for it though.