Thursday, 18 March 2010

Catching up

Its been busy here, extra days at work over the last few weeks, university open days on three successive Saturdays, a trip to the West Country for Mother's Day, visiting eldest son at university, there has been so much to fit in.

Although I like to be busy and have plenty to do I also like to have time to myself to recharge my batteries. This weekend I am happy to have nothing at all planned. Some gentle pottering in the house and garden will be just perfect.

I took these photographs after work today.  It feels as if spring is just beginning. The birds are singing earlier and earlier in the morning as the days lengthen and I can feel my energy increasing with the change in season. Everything is later this year, no frogspawn yet in our little pond, but in the last few days it does feel as if spring is finally here. I plan to slow down and enjoy it.


tree shadow moon said...

Happy springtime feeling to you! I hope you enjoy your leisurely weekend!
Nadia x

Simply Authentic said...

Hopefully you'll get your blossoms soon then :) Glad you'll have the weekend to recharge your batteries--always nice to have some time to relax after a fuller week or two. Enjoy and put those feet up!

Heather L. said...

No flowers here yet -- can't wait though. I did pick some bush branches that had swollen buds and now they've popped open inside -- only leaves, but still nice.