Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Calendar - March

This is my photograph for the month of March from my Shetland calendar. It was taken in Lerwick, the capital in Shetland.

The building is a Lodberrie. The name comes from Old Norse meaning 'loading rock'. Lodberries consisted of a house, store, small yard and private pier. Goods could be unloaded from boats directly on to the property. This arrangement made it easy for smuggling to take place and underground passages leading away from the lodberries allowed some of the goods to be taken away before the delivery was declared to the customs officers.

This month I shall remember wandering around the narrow streets in this part of Lerwick

and seeing these lovely old buildings jutting out into the bay.


Kath said...

The colours in the bottom photo compliment the colour in your sweater!

willow said...

Thanks Kath, I hadn't noticed that, now I will imagine I am wandering around Lerwick in my new sweater!

Simply Authentic said...

So amazing--the history that surrounds you in England! Always love your photos!