Sunday, 25 April 2010

Allotment update

Its a busy time of year, growing plants for the allotment. Every year around this time it seems to take over my life for a few weeks and I start to think that its quite normal to have a tray of courgette plants on the bedroom window sill.  Several window sills look like this at the moment as seeds are sown and kept inside to germinate.

Once the seedlings are a bit bigger they move out to my mini-greenhouse which is in a very sheltered corner on our patio.

So far there are tomato plants and a few courgette plants but it gets crowded later while I wait for the chance of frost to pass before taking everything to the allotment.

This is my plot at the moment.

The blackcurrant and redcurrant bushes are coming into leaf and the earliest rhubarb is just ready to pick a few stems.  At the back I have onions and shallots and the first sowing of peas are under the black netting to protect them from the pigeons.

It has been very warm and dry for the last few weeks but this morning I woke up to rain which combined with the warmth will give a boost to the spring growth. Of course the weeds will grow well too!

If it keeps raining, today will be an inside day spent at home. I'll take a break from the gardening and instead some gentle tidying, cake making and knitting I think. Have a good Sunday.

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tree shadow moon said...

Willow, your allotment looks much neater than ours!
Seedlings sprouting in the seedling houses out in our garden too! They're all over the place! Mr M. said to me today, "How much do you like cucumbers?" ... I replied, "...oh no, how many are you growing...?!" ...ten of them. Courgettes in abundance is one thing, they are more usable in different recipes. Cucumber...hmmm, salad, gazpacho, eye patches...what else? Any ideas much appreciated!

Have fun gardening and making cakes!
(thanks lots for the bbc link, fraid they don't work here in Italy!)