Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Calendar - April

This is the photo on my calendar for this month. I took this last summer in Shetland on a beautiful sunny day. We spent the morning on a deserted beach and then as we walked onto a nearby headland I took this picture of an isolated croft.

When I am on holiday I like to imagine what it would be like to live in some of the places I visit. Imagine living here. 

Our house is close to other houses, shaded by large trees and has a smallish garden. This would be so different, on its own, plenty of space and not a tree in sight.

I cropped the top photo for my calendar but in the original below you can see just how isolated it is. It was reached by a track about a mile long off a single track road in a quiet part of Shetland.

Sometimes when I can here my neighbours DIY or the noise of traffic from the nearby road seems louder than usual, I think that living somewhere like this would be perfect - only the sounds of nature all day. I wonder whether I would really like it though? On days spent at home you wouldn't see a soul and even going for a walk it is unlikely that you'd meet anyone. I wonder if I would like it in the winter when the days are short (Shetland is as far north as Alaska , level with Bergen in Norway), would it all seem just too quiet?

What do you think, perfect seclusion or unbearable isolation? I'm still not sure, I think I'd like it but perhaps you can't really tell until you've actually lived somewhere for a while.


Simply Authentic said...

I have the same thoughts too sometimes. Most the time I think I'd like to live 10 mins from a small/medium sized town with a few neighbors that are fairly spread out (as in 5 acres away or so). I love solitude and independence but I also crave the ability to be social fairly easily when desired. I also just like the idea of having someone close enough in case of emergency. But having all that isolated beauty would be amazing.....

tree shadow moon said...

Funny, lately I've been pestering Mr M. lots with the idea (which will never materialise) of us moving to the Hebrides. And we've been discussing the same idea. I think I could live in such a place, though maybe I would find that actually doing it, not dreaming it, would be different.
Your photo is gorgeous - lucky I don't have your calendar or I'd just sit at the kitchen table all day, drooling over the pictures!

willow said...

Simply Authentic,
That sounds a good location, the idea of being close to a small town so that its not a major expedition to go to the shop, library etc but with space and solitude as well.

I've not been to the Hebrides but I would like to go right up to Lewis someday. I think its the sort of place I'd like to live but I don't know how I'd cope, isolated by being on an island and then in an isolated place on the island. Does sound appealing though.

pebbledash said...

I am enjoying your monthly calender pics. It's a big question, the solitude thing, isn't it? The truth is, you can be isolated in the middle of a busy town. I'm in town (small) and mostly long to be out - for peace, for a bigger garden, for nature, for choice, and for no ambient light.

Heather L. said...

Our friends who live in Shetland just love it - but of course they have been there for generations. I feel as though I would find it isolated at times. The lack of trees would really get to me. I think it must be a place that is in your genes, or would be nice for a 3-month get-away if it's not in your genes. :)

abby said...

I live in Shetland, as you know! I think I've felt more isolated in cities to be honest. I find that as soon as I step outside of my door I gget chatting to all sorts of folk. I love the peace but also the ability to mix socially if necessary. Everyone's in the same boat here living in fairly isolated locations, therefore you find when you meet people - they can't stop chatting! There's plenty of things to do, groups to join and social events- see my site! Try a short term stay and then you will know. It's the best thing we've ever done and I use to be a city girl!! Love your photos willowx