Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Hello to anyone who is still there! Its been ages since I last posted, I'm fine, it has just been a busy time. Exams and end of school for youngest son, staff shortages at work meaning extra hours for me and of course the busiest time of year in the garden and allotment.

Yesterday after weeks of dry weather we got our first real rain, so this evening I have time to sit at the computer rather than water the allotment. It is raining again now so I hope that the water will soak the soil and refresh the rather thirsty plants. I have been harvesting broad beans, peas, courgettes, swiss chard, courgettes, shallots and rhubarb and this week picked the first french beans.

The crops are ripening in the fields as well. The first two photos show cornflowers in a field of wheat, such a lovely show of blue, part of the field was full of them and they were full of bees, unusual to hear the sound of bees in a crop of cereals.

The school holidays occur at the time of year when traditionally the school children were needed at home to help gather in the harvest. These days with so few people working the land and mechanisation meaning even fewer people are needed for harvest, I don't suppose many children will be working in the fields. The timing is still the same though, the fields are turning golden and school holidays are just over a week away.


ginny said...

Hi Willow,
beautiful photos, especially the cornfield. it is always busy this time of year isn't it... we are so looking forward to the summer and some lazy days. i will set my girls to harvesting our garden crops and remind them that historically children would have helped with all teh harvesting.
hope you will have all your boys back together for the holidays and have heaps of fun,
lots of love
ginny x
p.s. we are glad of the rain too x

Simply Authentic said...

Glad you've gotten some rain--always needed, although interesting that you its been in cycles. You had so much rain and flooding before this winter and then these weeks of nothing. Hopefully it'll even out! Glad you're getting a bit more down time--sounds like you're appreciating all the beauty and great moments! Hug your way!

abby said...

Absolutely beautiful photos. Have a super summer with your children. Glad you're back posting to blogx

Heather L. said...

The cornflowers are gorgeous! I would just love to go for a walk in your village. Sounds like you are enjoying some lovely things from your allotment! My veg garden is doing better this year and squash and cucumbers are coming on in large numbers. i need to pick my beets soon too.

Heather L. said...

Mama duck has two weeks left I think. She was startled this morning by the garage door and flew off the nest, much to my horror. But, she quickly returned. Can't wait for ducklings.