Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Summer thoughts

Just a few days left until the start of the summer holidays but this year it all feels a little different. Usually at this time I am full of ideas, things to do and places to visit as well as planning plenty of time to read, packing lots into the summer holidays before the start of the next school year.

This time though there will be no return to school. My eldest will return to University for his second year and the youngest will be working during his gap year. That just leaves me. I will return to my part time job in September, the job I have done for years to fit in with the school day and the school holidays but now there are no more school days to fit in with. It all feels slightly odd, I have been helping my sons think through their choices and their plans and I have forgotten to think about what I am going to do now.

Do I stay in my part time job or do I think of getting something more challenging? Would I find anything having last worked full time over twenty years ago?

My husband doesn't feel this change in our routines as the children move on with their lives. He carried on with his career and is now busier than ever with many trips abroad and an active work social life. I was the one who gave up my career to be at home and then chose to work part time to fit in with their schooling.

Now I feel that I have been left behind (hence the photo above - on a walk with my sons at the weekend, both were so deep in conversation and striding out so fast, they failed to notice that their mother was getting further and further behind!).

So what will I do now?   - something to think about during the summer break.


Simply Authentic said...

A fitting picture--yet that is just one of your many gifts---being able to express yourself so wonderfully with words. Obviously this is a personal decision and it definitely sounds like you're doing some good processing. I would ask yourself how you'd like to spend your time? Do you want to work full time or would you prefer part time? Right now you really have lots of freedom ahead of you to try any sort of new career/passion/etc. I'd also encourage you not to worry about not having worked full time for the last twenty years. You still have plenty of work history in your background. You also have LOTS of skills and qualities to bring to any job--from current & past jobs and just from your own unique abilities. Take some time to sort of process through all of it and then once you've decided if you want a change, then let us know! :) I'm excited for your future. A time of change for everyone potentially.

Simply Authentic said...

Ha---"being able to express yourself so wonderfully with PHOTOS" is what it should say!

tree shadow moon said...

Hi Willow,
it must be a strange time for you with all these changes, but try to look at it as the chance for an adventure, for delving into what you find interesting. I'm sure that it'll prove to be a door to new opportunities :)

nĂ  x

ginny said...

hello willow,
as women i feel we often do adjust our lives around others and family responsibilities. you can realx now though in a job well done with your boys and without any regrets can plan for your next step.
i think it is an exciting time for you too ~ a time to follow your bliss and maybe try something completley new. maybe make no big decisions straight away but give yourself an time to adjust and experiment with new ideas and have some fun.
Enjoy the Summer with your family and if they run too far ahead again tell them first one home makes the tea!

willow said...

Thank you for your thoughtful comments,

Although the idea of doing something different after all these years is slightly daunting, at the same time it is an opportunity to make changes.
There is no rush so I will take my time and think about some possibilities over the next few months.