Friday, 19 November 2010

the last of the leaves

With frost, wind and rain the leaves are fast leaving the trees. I took a few pictures of the last of the autumn colour, shades of brown, gold and yellow.

Crisp, dry bracken

pale bleached grasses

the acid yellow of silver birch

and my favourite, the sun shining through translucent beech leaves.


Moonroot said...

It has been a beautiful autumn, hasn't it? And I agree about the beech leaves. They are my favourites, spring and autumn.

Simply Authentic said...

Beautiful! We're just really having fall down here in South USA. This last week was Thanksgiving and it was 80 degree days and 70 degree nights! We're back to some chilliness again but it's been quite a warm fall. Love your pictures as always!

Fr. Peter Doodes said...

Such beauty and yet so many are blind to it; thankfully you are not Willow.

Like many others, I love your photos.