Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Cold and quiet

From the television news I learn that nearly the whole of Britain from Cornwall to the Northern Isles is covered in a blanket of snow. Here in the south we have the frosts and the cold temperatures but no snow.

Monday was very calm, not even the slightest breeze and the winter trees were perfectly reflected in the mirror like river Thames. So still and quiet it seemed as if the earth was sleeping through the winter day.

It has been quiet on this blog recently as well. Life is busy with many things occupying my mind and I don't seem to find the words for a blog post. Like the river I need time to be still and reflective.

My camera is always with me though, and so for a while there may be more pictures than words in this space.

Hope everybody is keeping safe and warm.


tree shadow moon said...

What lovely photos! i'm being kept updated about weather in yorkshire, where there is said to be lots of snow.

hope all is okay over there..

all the best,

Simply Authentic said...

Thank you for the comment--you are right in that many in the blog world have seen many changes in the recent years and their blogs have changed accordingly. You have seen much change yourself! I personally love your photos and just like that adage "a picture paints a 1000 words" at times. I always enjoy the fact that a picture also leaves interpretation open to one who views it as well. Hope you're staying warm over there--these pictures as always are GORGEOUS! :) So glad to have followed and viewed life through your eyes all these years too!