Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Morning walk

After all the rain yesterday everything is a bit wet and muddy around here. The sunshine enticed me out of the house, unfortunately the housework was still there when I came back!

Last year's bramble leaves, bright in the sun

and the first of this years leaves. This is honeysuckle, usually one of the first to brave the cold with fresh green leaves.

The sun didn't stay for long but I managed to capture its reflection before it disappeared behind the clouds again.

I hope they aren't rain clouds, I have so much washing hanging on the line today.



That first photo really makes me want to be able to jump into it and have a walk down that lane!
And those leaves - so, there as here, Spring is already reminding us that sooner or later it will return.

Best wishes,

willow said...

I am lucky that I am able to walk in the countryside so near my home. It was a lovely morning and I saw several people out enjoying the sunshine.

pebbledash said...

Lovely photos Willow. It's such a joy to be able to walk from home, isn't it? That top photo just invites you to walk up the lane and go round the corner.

Heather L. said...

Such a beautiful road! I can't believe you have leaves already! We are buried under snow, with no hope of anything green for at least 2 more months. Good weather for crafting and reading and knitting.