Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Flowers and trees

Indoors my hyacinths are just coming into bloom. They are on the kitchen windowsill, something to look at while washing up and more interesting than the rather damp washing hopefully drying outside in the garden.

Outdoors, I walked to the little woodland near home. We call this the bluebell wood and only really visit in April and May. This year I want to take photographs of it throughout the year and on Monday I realised I had almost missed out on January. So here are some photographs from the last day of the month.

I did find some bluebells pushing their shoots up through last years fallen leaves

but the star performer in January was the hazel with masses of yellow catkins catching the low winter sun.

Before I left I took a picture looking up. I love these photographs looking up through the trees and have taken many since seeing Diana's lovely photographs of trees silhouettes against the sky.


pebbledash said...

I shall look forward to a year of you documenting your wood. Lovely pics with promise of spring, and lovely looking upwards. I'm so happy I've inspired you to look up at the treetops. Thank you for the link!

ausurfer said...

Hi. I came across your blog on someone else's blogroll...and just wanted to say that I love the photos you have here.
I've subscribed to your RSS feed, so I'll be back to look around and read.
Greetings to you from Queensland, Australia.