Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Vegan for a month

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This month I am taking part in the  "30 Day Vegan" workshop run by Heather from "beauty that moves".  It is described as a cleansing wholefood workshop - a month of clean living and clear thinking, which seems just perfect for this time of year.

I have been interested in eating a mainly plant based diet for a while particularly since reading The China Study and this is a good opportunity to give it a try with lots of information, encouragement and some brilliant recipes.

My family have decided not to join me in this so I am cooking two different meals each evening but it does mean that I can choose to eat exactly what I want! My husband and sons like a meat based diet and I rarely eat meat so usually I cook a meal that they will like and then I just eat the vegetables with some cheese or houmous.  For the next month I am going to try to cook myself balanced vegan meals and from the recipes that I've tried so far I think its going to be a good month!


Alice and Ginny said...

this is great. have just recently returned to being vegetarian again which means i often cook 2 meals as NO 1 daughter & OH are very into meat. this course looks very interesting. will be asking you lots of recipe related questions on saturday i suspect... i do love hummous!
wishing you a happy today x

The List Writer said...

Oh how interesting! I look forward to your updates. I do eat meat, but only rarely. I like the idea of plenty of vegetable and grains, but I would also really miss dairy products, especially natural yogurt!

Simply Authentic said...

Will look forward to following your thoughts on this. I was a "quasi" vegan for about 5 years and really actually enjoyed it---and felt much healthier in the process. Am still vegetarian but just with organic dairy options thrown in to help integrate meals with the (meat-eating) hub and to increase protein for all the running. Definitely hope you write some updates on your experiences and balancing of meals! Hope you've been well!