Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Woodland - May

It has been a busy couple of weeks but I did take time to visit the little woodland near home. The top photograph is the lane leading to it. Here in southern England the warm weather and lack of rain means that the cow parsley is already fading, the roadsides have been full of its fluffy cream flowers.

The woodland is shady and the leaves are a darker green than last month. All the bluebells have finished  flowering leaving the stalks and seed capsules.

There are fewer flowers as the lower light level is lower. I spotted a single foxglove,

holly flowers attracting lots of attention from bees and other insects

and down on the woodland floor a covering of goosegrass with it small white star-like flowers.

The bracken has grown fast

and the little footpath is now narrow as the plants grow fast and few people walk along this route.

Many shades of green as the sun shines through the overlapping hazel leaves

and looking up, more leaves than sky.

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Simply Authentic said...

I always love your pictures to see how the woodland changes throughout the seasons. Our bluebells also have seedpods, but here the wooded paths have lots of wildflowers blooming and berries forming.