Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Puffin cam

Last May I wrote about "puffin cam", a camera placed inside a puffin burrow on Shetland and I have been watching the activity inside the burrow again this year. There is a single egg that was laid on May 7th and the incubation time is 35-45 days so it will be mid-June before the chick hatches.

You can see pictures from the puffin cam here. The camera is sponsored by the ferry company so there is a short advert (11 seconds) before the puffin pictures load but it is worth the wait, puffins are such cute looking birds.

I have also put a link to the camera on the sidebar.

This year the puffin egg in the puffin cam burrow did not hatch successfully.  There is more information here.  I hope that sandeels, the puffins main food source, are plentiful enough to allow other chicks to thrive and fledge.

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