Friday, 9 September 2011

knit and natter

On the last Thursday of each month my local John Lewis store holds a "knit and natter".  I work Thursdays and rushing into town after work, I only manage to make the last half hour of the session.  It was lovely in the school holidays to have the luxury of a full two hours drinking coffee, knitting and nattering.

The photographs show the Fair Isle waistcoat I am knitting. The pattern comes from "The Traditional Sweater Book" by Madeline Weston. It is a traditional Fair Isle pattern although I have replaced the usual bright colours of red, gold, white and blue with shades of grey white and purple. The wool is 2ply jumper weight from Jamieson and Smith.

I am pleased with the pattern and the way the colours are coming together but not looking forward to having to darn in all the ends once I have finished knitting!


Pomona said...

The colours look fantastic together - and I am awed by your ability in colourwork! I wish I had a knit and natter session nearby - sounds like such fun.

Pomona x

Heather L. said...

Your work is beautiful!!!! I have never done fair isle and I would be put off the ends too!!!

Simply Authentic said...

The colors are absolutely beautiful--it's going to turn out amazing. You always do such a great job! What a great opportunity too to do the knit and nattering---I'm sure being able to come together with many others is such a great reward in itself. Can imagine the summer months with more time were much relished. Wanted to let you know that I finally got chicks today! They're cute as can be and there are three---blue laced red wyandottes. ;)

Moonroot said...

Knitting and nattering sounds heavenly - and I am in awe of your Fair Isle knitting!