Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Settling down

There has been a bit of a gap in my posting. This whole "going to university" process is very unsettling even if you are the parent not the child, probably even more so if you are the parent.

Youngest son went on Sunday with the whole family accompanying him. He has a lovely room on a very attractive campus sharing with five others and so far all is going well.

When it was time to leave it was hard driving away, just as it was two years ago when his older brother started and now, like then, these first few days feel very odd. Eldest son doesn't start back at university for his third year for another week and then I really will be in an "empty nest".

This time it feels different knowing that the youngest has gone and the period of life where we had a family growing up at home has ended. I know I should feel that it is a new beginning for me as well and I expect after a while it may feel like that but at the moment the house seems empty and I feel a little lost.

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