Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The last weekend of the summer

We decided to go away for a weekend once our sons were both settled into their university terms. The first weekend we have spent away on our own in twenty-one years.

We were so lucky that the dates we picked were the very last days of the Indian summer. The photographs are a clue to where we stayed.....

 Hay-on-Wye, the famous town of the festival and of bookshops.

We explored the very pretty town

which has its own castle now housing a bookshop

and walked high in the surrounding countryside

to admire the views in the soft autumn sunshine.

The sheep stopped eating long enough to pose for photographs

and when we were hungry we could buy a wonderful selection of local apples from roadside stalls.

A weekend of exploring and walking, of drinking coffee and eating pub meals, browsing in bookshops and taking photographs - a lovely way to mark the end of summer.


Pomona said...

I have been catching up with your posts. I know what you mean about feeling lost in an empty house. My second son has joined his brother at university this year, and even though I still have a daughter at home, the quiet and the lack of mess and the huge decrease in food consumption are all making me sad!

Pomona x

willow said...

Exactly, I keep buying far too much milk and bread!

Simply Authentic said...

Sounds like a lovely trip---so wonderful that after so many years you were able to get away just the two of you. Hope it was as enjoyable as it looks!