Thursday, 27 October 2011

A little holiday

Last week with both boys settled at their respective universities and my husband in the middle of a three week stay in the US, I took myself away for a holiday of my own. I spent four days in Somerset. I was born and lived in Somerset until I left home at 18 but my parents then moved to Devon and although it is close I haven't really been back much since leaving. Even after all this time I was surprised by how many of the place names I still remember.

My holiday was with WalkingWomen holidays. I love walking but now that the boys have left home I find myself walking on my own and this was an opportunity to walk as part of a group which I really enjoyed.

We walked on Exmoor with views across the Bristol Channel to Wales

and where it was sometimes rather wet under foot.

We walked in wooded coombes

amongst wonderful old oak trees.

This is Culbone Church, apparently the smallest church in England that still holds services.

We saw very pretty cottages.

and we walked along the beach.

It was a very peaceful relaxing holiday, good walks, great company

and I got the opportunity to play on the beach.

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The List Writer said...

I've not heard of Walking Women before but they look great. What a lovely thing to do.