Monday, 12 December 2011

Woodland - December

Yesterday was a bright sunny day, amidst all the recent dismal wet and windy weather, so I decided to take photographs of the woodland in December.

Almost all the leaves have fallen now and many of the plants have died back leaving a low covering of brambles.

There is a much more open, airy feel and the sun can reach down to the ground again. The small stream is flowing, sparkling in the sunlight.

Even the moss on fallen tree trunks can catch some sunlight.

Looking up into the canopy, there are few leaves left to fall and the sky is visible once more.

There is one small change since last year, looking closely near the centre of the photograph above there seems to be a nest which was not there when the picture below was taken last January. There must have been a lot of activity in the tree tops over the summer all hidden from view by the foliage.

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Heather L. said...

Quietly waiting for Christmas sounds so nice....I am thankful that the stomach flu has enabled us to be quiet at home for a few days. What a welcome relief in the midst of crazy schedules.

I am missing snow though -- The woods would seem so much prettier with it -- right now all is drab and brownish.