Saturday, 31 December 2011

the woodland through the year

woodland through the year

In this last post of the year, I have gathered together some of the pictures from my little project to photograph this woodland near my home each month throughout 2011.

Seeing the photographs together shows the changes in the trees,  leaves and plants during the changing seasons. Also the difference in the light from the low slanting sunlight in the winter months to the deep shade when the sun is blocked out by the dense canopy of leaves in summer.

canopy through the year

I love how photography captures moments in time and enables me to look back and notice the changes.  I am already thinking about doing something similar in 2012.

The full series of posts are tagged "woodland year"


Anonymous said...

amazing how those changes occur just quietly all on their own, and how your camera captured that magic in the seasons!

Heather L. said...

the pictures are fascinating -- thanks for grouping them together like that. It's amazing to me how your woodland never really looks completely without green. I feel our woods looks so much more barren in the winter. Our weather is very strange this year and we are having a lot of warmer weather (40's F). Bulbs are already popping up and that is unheard of here, although common in Britain.

pebbledash said...

Love these mosaics, especially the canopy.

Happy New Year!

Diana x

willow said...

I have you to thank for the idea of "looking up", I have taken many canopy photographs after seeing the photos on your blog.
Happy New Year to you.

Ruth said...

I've just stumbled upon your site, and this photo project is beautiful!