Friday, 27 January 2012

Its been a quiet month here on my blog yet a busy one at home, I feel that I haven't really settled into the rhythm of this new year although it is almost the end of January.

Discussions about student housing options for next year with one son and looking at the rather grim graduate work situation that the other will encounter when he finishes university in just a few short months. An unsettling uncertainty about what to do next which at times seems to take over.

Catching time to wander outside with the camera, I find that winter is already starting to move towards spring. So mild this year and not a flake of snow here, the flowers are out and the birds singing loudly.

I'm hoping for a calm weekend to enjoy this gentle move from winter towards spring.


Simply Authentic said...

That first jump from university to a first job can be challenging anytime, but especially in the current economic situation. Your son is incredibly fortunate to have such supportive parents and I'll be sending positive thoughts that the right first position for him presents itself. How exciting (although bittersweet) that your younger son will be heading off for his own college journey soon!

Winterwood said...

I left college in summer 1976 - situation was really grim too for the prospect of a job... most people ended up going back home to live... which did not thrill me one bit. I ended up at home, and got a job, and then things picked up a little. But I was willing to do any job just so I could work!
I'm sure somehting will come up for your son.