Monday, 16 January 2012


I started January with such good intentions, to be more organised, show up here and post more frequently, try to go for a walk every day and then just a couple of days into 2012 I came down with a sore throat and cough which left me feeling tired and miserable for two weeks and I've let those good intentions slip already. Add a now unemployed husband to this mix and the start of 2012 has been less than auspicious.

This weekend though I started to feel better, the days were crisp, cold and sunny and the soft winter sunlight made everything seem brighter. These photographs were taken at Henley where we browsed charity shops, strolled by the river and treated ourselves to coffee. The last trip for all four of us as the university terms have now started and the boys are away.

This is the last full term for eldest son who finishes in the summer. This year there will be endings, beginnings and inevitable changes. These photographs can serve to remind me that although things seem unsettled at the moment if I take time to look there will always be some brightness.


lifesouljourneys said...

I really enjoyed the photos and when I saw that they were from Henley I almost leapt out of my chair. I used to go to Henley a lot ( I am from Slough ) originally and used to go to the big house there at Fawley court - if you know it at all? What a gorgeous gorgeous place it is there!

Simply Authentic said...

Absolutely beautiful--both your sentiments and the photos. I am so sorry to hear of your husband's loss of employment and hope that you all will be alright. Additionally hope you continue to recover from the cold and that the rest of the year is much better!

willow said...

Thanks for the comments. I was very lucky with the photographs, it was such perfect lighting.