Saturday, 28 April 2012

April showers

The view through the window has been looking like this for most of the last week. April is renowned for showery weather but this year the rain seems a constant feature.
After two years with less than average rainfall, there is officially a drought in this area and even though the recent rain feels like a lot, apparently we need very much more to restore water levels.

There was plenty of water in my garden

so I don't think we will be too bothered by the hose-pipe ban for a while.

Heres hoping for a break in the weather this weekend.

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Simply Authentic said...

I can imagine you're ready for a little sunshine but hopefully the rain will continue to keep off any potential drought! Thanks for your supportive comment--it doesn't surprise me that people have been able to read through the lines but in a weird sense, it's almost even more reassuring. Your comments meant a lot to me though---so thank you! Hope you have been well!