Tuesday, 19 June 2012


I have been away from this space for a while so time for a quick catch up.

Here we are just a few days from mid summer although the weather has been far from summery. We didn't suffer from flooding during the recent rains although several of the roads from the village were closed for a few hours.

We are now a household of four again as university terms have ended. For eldest son it is the end of his final year (he did very well and we're very proud) so he is now back at home while he looks for a permanent job. The house feels very full, not only two extra people but all their university stuff, two more sets of kitchen equipment, two sets of bedding, more towels, clothes airers, irons, where are we going to put it all?

Also a little holiday just for two, this time overseas. I will post some photographs once I have sorted them but for now here is a clue to where we have been.

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Simply Authentic said...

Yea :) Glad to get an update. I can imagine the house is full but hopefully you are loving having your boys home. I know it was quite the transition for them to go away to college, but its also a transition when they both return :). Glad your hub and you could get away on holiday!!